Starr Current Voter & Database Stats

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we are working together on  proposed master clobber filter
that filter is here

Is a Voter: 81,421
(Util + Recall Canvass tags)
(still incomplete-expected finish Sat)
* sums to: 21,080 of 23,725 Non-Voters
EXCLUDES (list): Currently the EXCLUDE list has only Democratic Hispanics.  To apply the exclude list to a filter you are building, click 'Add Group Row' on the right of the filter then select 'Lists' - change the 'is on all' drop-down to 'is on none' and type 'EXCLUDE' in the list name blank.  This will exclude people on the EXCLUDE list from your filter.  Contact Ron if you want other micro-audiences permanently added to the exclude list.  In your email, include the link to the filter you built that defines your exclude audience.

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