A Message from Aaron Starr

Together, let’s make Oxnard a better place to live and work.

Working with fellow residents, my wife Alicia and I spent many months gathering signatures to qualify several commonsense reform measures you’ll find on November’s ballot:

  • Measure F – Streamlines permit process to bring jobs to Oxnard.
  • Measure L – Directs elected City Treasurer to post City invoices and finances online.
  • Measure M – Ensures weekday council meetings are held after 5:00 pm.
  • Measure N – Places a higher priority on fixing streets.

Oxnard City Hall opposes these transparency and accountability measures. Instead, they’re supporting another sales tax increase (Measure E), which will hurt working families!

Raising taxes should never be seen as the go-to solution for City Hall's spending problems.

We should first improve oversight at Oxnard City Hall! As council members we need to ask tough questions and offer better solutions; not just be rubber stamps. With my business and accounting experience, I will make sure your tax dollars are wisely spent serving the public, not enriching folks at Oxnard City Hall.

I support:

  • Responsive government, transparency, accountability and ethics
  • Attracting/retaining local businesses and jobs
  • Fixing streets and alleys, cleaning up parks, roadways and public landscaping
  • Protecting health and safety, improving police and fire response times
  • Addressing homelessness with support from the faith-based community

I’ll listen and be accessible to you: call me at 805-919-8573 or email [email protected].

I humbly ask for your support.


Aaron Starr