Restoring the People’s Voice at City Hall

Refocusing Oxnard’s Priorities

City Hall has become wasteful and unresponsive.  Our City is losing money managing a golf course; runs a theater and performing arts center at a loss; has spent a small fortune so far for a desalination plant that has been out of commission for more than two years and now has entered the recycling business. Then the politicians on the city council try to make up for their financial mismanagement by voting to raise OUR utility bills. Enough is enough!

As the Author of Measure M, I led the community campaign to overturn the city council’s unfair 87% sewer rate increase that hurts Oxnard’s families. 

I will use my skills as a Financial Controller to better prioritize city spending and focus on basic services that our community needs. I will make city hall listen to the concerns of residents and take action to get those concerns addressed.