Restoring the People’s Voice at City Hall

Refocusing Oxnard’s Priorities

This City Council has approved massive increases in compensation for hundreds of City Hall employees. And they plan to increase salary and pension costs by almost $19 million per year in the next four years -- without increasing services!

Instead of finding ways to stretch a dollar to deliver more to the public, City Hall has become wasteful and unresponsive. Now they demand that voters adopt Measure E to increase the City's sales tax rate from 1.5% to 3% -- double what the City collects now and triple what is charged to residents in the majority of California cities. That's unreasonable!

I’m a community activist with a proven record of fighting for Oxnard residents.  In 2016, my wife and I launched a ballot measure approved by 72% of Oxnard voters to overturn the City Council’s 87% sewer rate increase. And last year we spearheaded the effort to qualify four measures for this November's ballot:

  • Measure F - To fix the city's broken permit system so that we can bring higher paying jobs to Oxnard,
  • Measure L - To increase financial transparency & make City Hall accountable for their performance,
  • Measure M - To mandate that council meetings be held during the evenings so more can attend, and
  • Measure N - To require that City Hall repair the streets.

Our current group of elected officials only have experience as educators, lawyers or government employees. Shouldn't we have at least one person on the City Council who has experience in business?

I’m not a politician; I’ve never held elected office.  I’m a concerned citizen trying to make Oxnard a better place to live and work.  If you elect me to the City Council, I will:

  • Use my business and CPA experience to help Oxnard’s small businesses create more jobs.
  • Fix Oxnard’s crumbling roads and sidewalks.
  • Ensure our police have the resources they need to protect Oxnard families from street gangs.