Restoring the People’s Voice at City Hall

Refocusing Oxnard’s Priorities

City Hall has become wasteful and unresponsive. Our City is losing money managing a golf course; runs a theater and performing arts center at a loss; increases our utility rates and then siphons millions of dollars a year into the general fund!

I’m a community activist with a proven record of fighting for Oxnard residents.  In 2016, I launched a ballot measure approved by 72% of Oxnard voters to overturn the City Council’s 87% sewer rate increase. Oxnard City Hall sued to take away your vote; I defended voters’ rights in court – and won.

I’m not a politician; I’ve never held elected office.  I’m a concerned citizen trying to make Oxnard a better place to live and work.  If you elect me as your mayor, I will:

  • Use my business and CPA experience to help Oxnard’s small businesses create more jobs.

  • Fix Oxnard’s crumbling roads and sidewalks.

  • Ensure our police have the resources they need to protect Oxnard families from street gangs – it is unacceptable that Oxnard crime has increased 52% since 2011.